Motion Sensor Explanation:

Each piece of Computer Folk Art reacts to the viewer. Along with motion and light, the artwork is sensitive to the people surrounding it. Sometimes the viewer needs to muster the proper concentration and thoughts to activate the light.

     As with any art, placement is everything, especially with interactive art. Every work of Computer Folk Art develops a personality based upon the environment in which it lives. The unit conserves power when light is not needed or there is no one there to enjoy the art.


The batteries inside (included) can last from a few weeks to a few years depending on placement. For instance, if the art is placed in a room that is well-lighted most of the time and has very few visitors, the batteries will last a long time. However if the art is in a dark room with persons (or animals) coming and going, the art will activate itself repeatedly.

      Sometimes a dark hallway or stairway is the perfect place where a small amount of light and art are needed. Furthermore the Computer Folk Art could be very useful in an electrical emergency.